Pioneer Village Walnut Grove, Iowa

The Dan Nagle Walnut Grove Pioneer Village 

is an open-air museum located at the north edge of Scott County Park.

This is a very mysterious park to me, connected to a camping area, we drove through that, just in case we might wish to ever stay there in the future, and we were looking for this parking area to see this village, you go down a gravel path, make sure to have your footing, because on sudden fall and you would be rolling down like a silly person, be sure to put on the brakes, almost like you are coming in the back way and there is suddenly all these building just set on a grass area. There was a man mowing the lawn, but we never saw any one to chat with. So we just took a look into all the open businesses. Lots of amazing artifacts there to see. I would think for any one it would be fun to see where we have been and where we are now, wonder if kids would know all of these tools and whatnot??!?!? Thank you stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ;


This N That said…
Is there any place you haven't been??Glad that you didn't lose your footing...Have a good week...
Ruth Hiebert said…
Looks and sounds interesting.
William Kendall said…
You've certainly traveled a lot.

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