Wallace Mill


Photos taken: 4/4/2021, here's a LIFE UPDATE for you my friend, those are always fun. Let's begin ...I am coming to you guys to say that "InSPIREd Sunday" is coming to an end, Sally and I have really enjoy the ride. It was fun while it lasted. If you like to join in and share a church or other religious building for the last few weeks during APRIL (a last HOORAH so to speak!!! Tell one, Tell All, as always we would love to have you and yours.) please do so. We have not traveled in so long, on this Sunday, for a weekend drive we saw the Wallace Mill, of Goshen Virginia (which was such a lucky sighting or time to capture it out of the blue, that happens around here in Virginia, you get to see such wonderful spots.) and a church. I'll share that church on the last official link up weekend which will be on April 24-26. A nice ending to it all. Another chapter, a part of life. Beginnings. Endings. Don't YOU just love them so. I hope that continuing on that each time you see a gorgeous church you will think of us and remember when. The "Link Up" (the bloggy world) has changed so much, so many of them have sadly fallen by the wayside. Miss them. Think of all the folks who use to show up ...barns, fences, good times, friendships, a time to meet likeminded friends, ones who appreciate the small things in life, the beauty we each have to share and enjoy! Good Memories. 

How is the weather you are having lately? Life good? Any fun happening around you? We are trying to start spring, but the temperatures keep changing so wild like? Warm but them you might need the heat again that evening? So silly. Blooms are popping up every where. Sneezing is starting, although a pain, for your eyes, ears and nose, LOL!! It is apart of the spring time fever. Spring is my second favorite season. Fall being first of course. Hope you are well this week? Take Care and Thank You again for stopping by. Beth ( ; 


Ruth Hiebert said…
I guess I am one of those people who have never done a link up. Spring is happening here, but slowly. actually have snow in the forecast for most of the coming week. I don't mind as we desperately need the moisture.
William Kendall said…
The place looks well worn.
Tom said…
...the poor dear has seen better times.
Linda said…
Oh no! I am sorry to hear that the linkup is going away. I will miss it. I did notice that participation is down.
Yogi♪♪♪ said…
Nice mill, what a great find. Sorry to hear about the churchy linky ending. Blogging has sure changed over the years. Lots of people passed away or went on to other things. I used to post every day, now about two or three times a week and I post once or twice a day on instagram.
This N That said…
You always have the greatest Mills, barns...anything old..Love your pictures..Thank for sharing.Your last paragraph could have been written by me..Same here..ENjoy the rest of your week..

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