Blue Skies Aplenty


We were traveling to days back to back in little towns throughout New Hampshire ... Tamworth and Sandwich ...but we didn't find any "sandwich" places open in SANDWICH?? shocker!! any who ... I did try to zoom on these but I don't see what I need to give you a proper name for each ...but so pretty. If you miss the last church post see it "here". I didn't plan those puffy clouds but aren't they fun. If you are in the Sandwich, NH area check out the area quaint and gorgeous. I love scenic view!! 

WAIT a moment, I do believe I'm correct the one with the clock is in fact "Community Church of Sandwich, NH, 12 Church Street Center" Found that on their FB page, that was cool. Glad I can put a name to a picture, as they so say ... so cool. Love it when I find the info I wished for ... I love a church or any building really with a clock face. Now the one at the top by itself, I was on google earth ... I think it was around the corner sort of?? Not showing up??! Neat-O!! Thank you kindly for stopping by. Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ;

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Jim said…
Billy Blue Eyes said…
Yes your right a beautiful church to see
This N That said…
Did you see the "Earl of Sandwich"..LOL..Pretty church
Ruth Hiebert said…
Beautiful pictures. a white church, complete with beautiful blue skies makes for some lovely scenes.
Maggid said…
Refreshingly Lovely!
This post arrived just in time to give me a deep breath of . . "NOW we're talking!"

Beautiful America.
thank you,
love & love,
Linda said…
Those blue skies are wonderful!

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