Bartlett Bridge


Bartlett Bridge
Covered Bridge Shoppe, 1790. Bartlett, New Hampshire

I don't recall the year but we have been to see this shoppe before ...we were not using a Casita travel trailer yet??! Wonder if we were camping even? Maybe staying bed and breakfast at the time?? So cute. But the time we were here in May 2021 they were "closed for the season". We see that a lot ...kind of sad to think of how many businesses missed out on our visits ... I mean I get why they are not open but still kind of frustrating for you when u visit and don't see what you do hope for??! Gorgeous views. Happy to have you today. Thank you for stopping by. Take Care. Beth ( ; 


Barbara Rogers said…
Sad for you that the shop was closed...but it looks like a beautiful old bridge still. I wonder what's on the other end...
Jenn Jilks said…
I love those bridges! Such history in these places.
Ruth Hiebert said…
Another cute place.
Maggid said…
Just think of it. The world all around - and you are able to visit twice. You guys are remarkable.

(color me a little bit jealous , , 🙂)

Yep, i agree - considering the toll all this "sheltering" time has taken -

Still, I think about all the creative ways we will find to recover - rebound - re-create.

(which is how i hope YOU ARE . . . Fabulous!)
love & love,
William Kendall said…
Quite a pretty bridge.
Linda said…
It is an attractive bridge. At least you got to see the outside, and hopefully the river.

Have a good week.

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