Pipestem State Park, WV

If you have never been to Pipestem Resort State Park, West Virginia you need to take a trip. Get into your planning books and get to planning. So pretty. So much to be seen... "4,050 acre state park, southern West VA." WOW, got into the works back in Kennedy presidency. That is wild. So happy it does exist. We love WEST VIRGINIA so so much. I don't think I can say one bad word about West VA ...the people are friendly, views are to die for and lots to see and do. We did hike this walk from our campground, so fun. A great ending to your trip in May 2021. Back to the real world ...how is your life, good? Thank you so much for stopping by. Hope you ae well. Take Care. Beth ( ;


George said…
We've been to Pipestem State Park a couple of times. You're right -- it's beautiful.
This N That said…
I have never been there..I'm sure it's lovely..Nice part of the country..

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