Punkyville, Falmouth, KY
"Charles "Punky" Beckett has built his own scaled down retro town" ...

HAPPY NEW YEAR, let's hope that 2022, will be a great one for us all. Got plans? Leave me a comment tell me what ya got planned for 2022? So curious. 

I always love it when we find these scaled down towns that someone is willing to share ...I mean why not share and let others enjoy as well. Very cool. I loved the old mailbox. Next step up. Check it out!! ENJOY!! Thank You, for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care, Beth ( ;


Sandi said…
A caboose! Cute.

For 2022:

Driver's Ed for the oldest

And the SAT

and a homeschool co-op, I hope.

It's been a couple years of isolation for us. I am an introvert, but even I am eager to rejoin the collective. 💙

Jenn Jilks said…
What a neat spot!
We've no plans, other than keeping warm. It's snowing and soon I'll have to blow the snow.
Being retired, we are just coping.
Happy new year!
This N That said…
You really find some very different, out of the way places..LOL
Linda said…
Neat place! My immediate plans are to settle into my new home and get organized so that I can enjoy my life.

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