West Braden Springs Hotel


When in French Lick, Indiana ...we were seeing this huge place ...was hoping for a closer view, at least a good picture of it ...this is what we got and were shocked that they don't realize that some people have no desire to really visit ...they just want a photo??! We can't be the only one who wants to do that, right??! If you wanna know more ... see here "check it out" . Maybe you have millions and zillions of dollars to use up??! They do say on their website "create a remarkable luxury experience"??! Fun to look on. ENJOY! Thanks for stopping by. Take Care. Beth ( ;


William Kendall said…
Quite distinctive.
Ruth Hiebert said…
That is just a peek. It looks elegant.
Bev said…
WOW Some place....Doggy Places to... Miss Pepper would love that...haha!
This N That said…
Love those big old hotels..THey don't make them like that anymore..Enjoy your week..
Linda said…
Ooh, looks fancy!

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