Rockfish Post Office

Rockfish Post Office, Rockfish, Virginia.
Est. 1914. Closed 1974.

"Rockfish was frequently referenced in The Waltons, being the closest town to the Waltons Mtn, Severely affected by the flash floods from Hurricane Camille, in 1969."

"Q: How do you like your eggs?
Me: In a Cake!"

Too Cute!! Driving in the country way back in July 2021, we saw this cutie, Had to share. What fun. Got more info about about it online ...the joke was pictured, so I had to share that as well, I am wondering, was it just a local or the postmaster? HUMOR makes the world go around, Love it!!! Who doesn't love a bit of humor?? What was pictured the day we did pass by you might ask?? "Rockfish Post Office, Happy Birthday, USA!" Thank you for your visit, hope you are well today. Have a Nice Day!! Take Care. Beth ( ;


Barbara Rogers said…
I've seen at least one other tiny post office like that, also in VA. Cake, ha ha ha!
Linda said…
I need to go out there and see the Walton Museum. I’ve been meaning to. Will do so this year.
This N That said…
Cute..They don't make them like that anymore!!!
Happy Valntines day

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