Tamworth, VA


This little day road trip we took late February 2022. Tamworth: Post Office shown in the photo #2 - Muddy Creek Grist Mill & Dam in photo #1, Cumberland County, VA. 

Mill: Built between 1785 and 1792. 
Post office & General Store: Built 1792.  
In 2019: "Harriet" the film was filmed partly in Tamworth. 

We have driven past this area many a time but never turned right into Tamworth ...so we did and checked it out a bit, you can go for tours (the hubs stepped out and took these shots for us, I was driving, so I was in the driver's seat, them got on our way on home, it was a fun time out and about.) ...you can see it more from the road during the winter/fall months without all the leaves. It is always fun to see areas you don't always see ...we had taken this route to arrive at a Lidl and an Aldi ...not sure if you are familiar with those grocery stores? They are always fun to see what they have to offer??! Thank you for stopping by today. Hope you all are well??? I love sharing views ...it is always fun to share a more recent daily life check of a check in with you ...we have not taken trips in a while, and this was a fun "daily drive trip" to share with ya. ENJOY! Take Care, see ya again real soon. Beth ( ;


Linda said…
Interesting old buildings! I like mills and post offices.
Bev said…
Interesting...love taking road trips!!! Feels so good to be in the road even if’s a short trip❤️
William Kendall said…
These buildings certainly look of their time.
Ruth Hiebert said…
The bare trees allows one to see so much more, but I really look forward to seeing those leaves pop out again.
eileeninmd said…

They are beautiful old buildings, hubby and I enjoyed the scenic back roads.
Hopefully, the weather warms again soon. Spring is almost here.
Take care, enjoy your day and happy weekend!
Debbie said…
i really enjoy one day road trip to fun places like this!! i find old buildings like these especially interesting!!

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