Flannagan Mill


Flannagan Mill

historical marker JE35: "Lee's stopping place here at Flannagan's (Trice's Mill) Robert E. Lee spent the night April 13th -14th, 1865 on his journey from Appomattox to Richmond"

Also known as, "Trice's Mill". We did try to get more information on this mill but searching didn't give us much ...we follow several sites with many of the historical mills in Virginia ...but there are not many details. So frustrating. We love learning as much as we can, it feels so fun, entertaining and fun cool. We took this beauty in on the same day in February 2022, when we saw the "Tamworth Mill" (if you missed that post, please be sure to play catch up on that one.). At this mill they did ground "corn".  This mill is probably one of the saddest looking we have seen. I am thinking there are a lot of them in the USA that are not well cared for, but this is so heartbreaking to see it in such disrepair. The hubby thought it was so great to see the water wheel, you don't often see the wheel in place anymore, you can see what where it was at one time, but they are usually taken away, missing or stolen, not sure?? If only we were rich, we might be able to repair all the sad looking ones. Wouldn't that be fun, dreaming here. LOL!! Hope you can see Luigi... I'm not sure I've shown pics of him here on the blog or not?? He's my Fiat 500, decorated like Luigi from the Mario Brothers video game. Often joke we need to find a red one, so we can make a Mario as well. They are brothers and as a kid I loved the Nintendo game my brother did own. Then as an early adult I got into the newer model of the game, So it has been a huge part of my video game life. Thank you for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ;


This N That said…
Another beautiful piece of history..Thanks for sharing..Enjoy your week..
William Kendall said…
It's sad that it isn't looked after.
Ruth Hiebert said…
These pictures remind me of a show I’ve been watching about. Restoring old buildings in Britain’s den turning them into homes. I bet that could be done with something like this.
Linda said…
I hope someone decides to take care of it. Many mills got destroyed during the Civil War so it is interesting to see ones that predate it.
Debbie said…
we have an old mill close to home here and we visit there often. it is nice to see them in use or being restored!!

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