Ninety Six National Historic Site


"Walk Where Battles Were Fought and Heroes Were Forged ... Settlers struggled against the harsh backcountry to survive. Cherokee Indians hunted and fought to keep their land. Two towns and a trading post were formed then abandoned to the elements. And two Revolutionary War battles claimed over 100 lives. ..."

My hubby is a bit Cherokee, so I am always say you need to find your people and learn of your history, does the man listen? Nope. I guess I will have to learn it myself ...I find family history so fun and entertaining. This is a walking path event, it was so warm the day we were there to check it all out. Really this is the only historical building I saw, you are mainly walking around a path with no other buildings, just sort of scene where it was shown I will save you from the mosquito bites and heat stroke. We did visit in Sept 2021. We would walk to shade and then zoom on around the walking path. Saw only one family when we were leaving. Thank you for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ; 


This N That said…
It looks as though it is well taken care of..Sorry you didn't have a better day to visit!!Have a good weekend and Holiday
Ruth Hiebert said…
When I look at old buildings like this, I wonder just what life must have been like back then. They had to work so much harder to just survive .
Linda said…
Nice log building. My first husband had a native ancestor but the relatives had different versions of what tribe.

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