Prices Mill


Have I told you that all of these pictures are taken with my hubby's cell phone??????!?!?! I find that wild, shocking!! I never take my camera any more on trips, just a waste of space, well a camera is not that big, but you know the point, just his Android cell phone ... wild, huh??! What will happen next with technology??! Who knows???! Thank you for stopping by. Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ; 


This N That said…
Cell phones take amazing pictures these days..I rarely use my "big girl camera any more..Have a good week
William Kendall said…
It's well taken care of.
Linda said…
I know! My iPhone takes pictures that would have required a $3000 camera a decade ago.
eileeninmd said…
My phone is not that good, I will continue to use my camera.
Great shot of the Mill. Take care, enjoy your day!
eileeninmd said…
Happy Birthday Beth! I hope your day is great!

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