The Virginia Room


The Inn at Gristmill Square and Waterwheel Restaurant

Hey there, sharing a trip we took in March 2022. The hubby had a back appointment, and this was the 2nd bed and breakfast we did stay in on the way home, we knew that the morning would hold lots of rain and boy did it pour. Maybe one day we can return to enjoy the local sights but it sure was fun either way!! We did stay in the Steele House in the "Virginia Room". 

We had our parents stay there for their "50th wedding anniversary" (did you miss that post? That was 3 years ago, we did celebrate their huge milestone moment!!) in the "Silo Room". Or maybe you do wish to look back and the amazing meal (I know I am being silly, but I am curious why we didn't use the same dishes??) we did have??!! I am still drooling, may I say that meal was 10 times more flavorful than this one, not sure what did happen? I mean I do not wish to say it was not great, but for some reason that meal, dessert all was amazing, OUTSTANDING for sure!! This meal was good but let me tell you the breakfast was more delicious. Delivered to us in the cutest egg basket, I mean they really do go all out in the simple moments, the special ones you will never forget, promise!! Whatever local yogurt they did have, was amazing!!! We could have used more coffee creamer though, but beggars cannot be chooser, I think that is the saying, right???! Next week I'll share the meal we did have, I was joking with the hubby that it was like our anniversary celebrating, even though it was a bit early, considering our wedding anniversary is in November. 

Thank you for stopping by. Hope you are well today. Enjoy!! Take Care. Beth ( ; 


Jenn Jilks said…
What a lovely spot! I enjoyed that!
William Kendall said…
An appealing spot.
Linda said…
Oh, That looks like a lovely place. If I ever get back to Warm Springs I will have to take a look

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