Easton Roller Mill


Easton Roller Mill, Morgantown, West VA
historic sawmill and grist mill. began construction in 1864 and was completed in 1867. 

"Wikipedia for more information" (please if you are curious, head to their website for more information about this amazing mill, I was amazed and I love history, don't you??!!!! What I did love about this mill, look at those chimneys, not sure we have ever seen one with a chimney that I recall??? thinky face, not sure, what was tough was the mill is located so close to home, so it was tough to get a good photo without getting their homes included. Not what I would have wanted. But I wish I could have seen the back and more of the side views. Guess the online shots will do in a pinch.) This was a side trip we took while on a trip for the hubby's back appointment. If you care or if you need back help, I would be glad to give advice... he has been doing this treatment for a while now. "Prolotherapy: based on the idea that chronic pain is often caused by loose ligaments or tendons. Liagments connect bone to bone and tendons connect muscle to bone." The doctor he found, 8 or 9 yrs. ago in West Virginia was a "Doctor of Osteopathy", It had been about 4 or 5 yrs. since his last treatment, and he is doing so well. The doctor was truly happy how he had been doing for so long. Thank you for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care!! Beth ( ; 


Jenn Jilks said…
It is an interesting building!
William Kendall said…
Very appealing architecture.

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