Fort Pulaski


Fort Pulaski National Monument
Savannah, Georgia

HEY THERE, bloggy friends. Hope you are well this week, as always please know I appreciate your comments and visits each and every time you do stop by. It makes me feel super special that you would make me a part of your daily life. THANK YOU!! 

So many great shots from this day. We are thinking it was September of 2021, that we did visit Tybee Island, Georgia and got to see this amazing historical fort. I loved the shot of the window view and seeing the American flag blowing around, I love it when moments like those happen. WAY COOL!! 

I am not always in the know about different ranks in the different services ...but the higher ups did have way more room. Bigger beds, place for eating, relaxing of sorts. The lower ranked men had hardly any space at all. A bed, if you could even call them that. Probably had some hay in the bed covering and I'm sure that lost it puffiness over time. Can you even imagine???

2nd photo: can you see the tracks in the floor? Those were for the ability to move the canons back and forth for different angles to send their shots at ones they were taking shots at?? It is amazing how things were built way back when, so awesome!!! As a kid I never had issues with "close tight spaces", but looking at the last shot, makes me a bit nervous ...don't ya agree??!?!? I will say that I do believe that "wikipedia"... does the best explanation of this fort please take a moment to visit them and see all of what this amazing historical fort went through. You take care. Beth ( ; 


Jenn Jilks said…
No. I don't think I could. Way too close quarters. I'm not good in groups, anyway!
Great photos!
William Kendall said…
A fascinating place!
Linda said…
Looks interesting. I’ve been to Savannah but I did not go to the fort.

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