Chimney Rock


Chimney Rock State Park, NC

Gorgeous area of North Carolina, there in October 2021. Lovely time of the year to be there, crisp cool morning. Just amazing. Breathtaking. I know I took a great shot of the American flag (found it!! Even found a panorama photo, hope you can tell the amount of beauty that was up there, gorgeous area of NC!!) up there on the top, (please do recall that you can always enlarge these photos, by clicking on the 1 you wish to see larger. Just a "heads up" there, SMILES!!) but sadly I cannot find it anywhere, wonder what happened to it??!! I recall sending it to my parents, we always try to stay in touch with them while traveling. You know one of those "epic" photographing moments, nuts!!??!? My legs really hurt after this visit, I wonder how you can make stairs like that for exercising purposes, I mean those work some really good muscles in your legs. LOL!! Thank you for stopping by today, hope you are well. Beth ( ; 


Linda said…
I’ve only seen it from a distance. I should’ve gone there when I was younger because I couldn’t do all those stairs now.
Jenn Jilks said…
What a great spot!
William Kendall said…
That is a beautiful place.

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