Lake Lure Flowering Bridge


Lake Lure Flowering Bridge, North Carolina

This would be a fun location to travel to in different seasons, you would find lots of different blooms available to check out, I'm sure on that!! What fun. I think these were taken October 2021, Thinky face?!!??!?! Gorgeous blooms. Such a fun day trip when in the Lake Lure area of North Carolina. Please check it out. Thank you kindly for stopping by, glad to have the visits (comments) I have so so much. It's amazing to see how blogging has changed since I first started that journey. I've gotten rid of so many pages, where I had my beginning story ...I think the blogging started in October??? Could have sworn it was a longer back ago ...but the post I see "November 17, 2014", where I got even more than 1,000 of views, I didn't get tons of comments, but I got the views, that really made me happy. Yes, I would have loved the comments and interactions but just knowing they were there checking posts out, it was way cool. Well, as the number begin to go even lower, the 1's I did start with, I am trying to stay positive but it's bleak out there in bloggy world ...thoughts?? I'll keep looking for more exciting hobbies, I bet you do the same, don't ya?? Have a super great day and thank you kindly for joining me today. You're awesome. Take Care. Beth ( ; 


Linda said…
It looks like a lovely place. I am afraid blogging has lost a lot of participants who went over to other social media.

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