Shipwreck Tours


We took "Glass Bottom Shipwreck Tours". "trip takes about 2 hours, visiting 2 different shipwreck sites, rock cliffs... historic lighthouse, and ...Grand Island & Munising Bay". 

Now for picture taking purposes it is so tough to get the pictures of the shipwreck pieces to show up??? You are looking through the bottom of the glass boat, now it is great to see, but not clear at all in the photos. Sadly, had to delete them all, nothing was clear or even made you know what you were looking at??! Fuzzy. You just have to be there and enjoy. So cool. Glad we got the chance. WAY FUN!!

I know I've told ya that my hubby and I love Michigan matter what section. I went online to get the bit about Michigan but couldn't find it, now if you didn't realize all or maybe I should say most folks who are from Michigan, will use their hand to say where to go, visit, and see where they live. We can't do that with Virginia. Makes me always smile. I just did ask the hubs and he did recall the names: "Yoopers - Upper Peninsula, Trolls - South of the Bridge, Frudgies - tourists (we think there are like 12 or 13 (maybe less??!!?) fudge companies at Mackinaw Island)" I find it amazing how clear and so many different shades of blue these waters have in them, AMAZING!! So breathtaking. What a blast. It was a gorgeous day, late May - early June 2022. Thanks, for stopping by. 
Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ;  


Linda said…
Well, the shots you show here are great. My dad was from Michigan.

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