Alice Hand Callaway


Alice Hand Callaway Visitor Center & Conservatory, Athens, Georgia

Hello, kind of a funny, awkward, weird story to tell in this visit. I debated sharing, but gardens are free and enjoying the beauty is so fun. Makes you days lighter, makes you smile and it's FREE!! hello. FREE. not much in the world is free anymore, I mean right??! LOL!! So, we walk up to the visitor center after all it is meant to be "visited", right?? So, we thought, but that day we did visit they were having a "meeting", well that is NICE but hey, we are visiting, shocker!! Visiting from Virginia ...don't ya think that is important to have VISTORS, who might be visiting to check the place out?? So, we didn't get to visit in the visitors' center which is the last photo within my post.

What I thought was cool they call it "living laboratory", what a great wording there. It is always changing, no matter the season, so cool!! As always, I joke about the way google (blogger) does load my pictures, not in order but they are all in the same gardens. They had a lot of Christmas in this garden, guess ahead of the schedule was fall 2021.

Thank you kindly for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Aren't you such a fan of FREE visit?? FREE gardens and such like that. We ARE!! Take Care. Beth ( ; 


Sandi said…
"living laboratory"

I like that!
Weird they didn't let you in.
William Kendall said…
A beautiful property.
Linda said…
I am spoiled by growing up in the Washington DC area where most museums and parks are free. They are pretty awesome too.

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