Burt Lake


Burt Lake, Indian River, Michigan

Such a lovely campground, great for biking, kayaking, local or even distant traveling. We tend to find locations all over the area to check out. So fun. I was trying to recall how we found "B.C. Pizza"?? I think my hubby might have googled local restaurants??! But they are awesome. so delicious!! I was joking about wondering if they might deliver to Virginia??

B.C. Pizza - 3695 S. Straits Hwy. 



1st evening: Wet Beef & Bean Burrito AND Smokehouse Mac & Cheese (We are always looking for local favorites and this was one of those.)

2nd evening: Dill Pickle Pizza (I think we added chicken??) You might think this would be odd, but dill pickle on a pizza it really is delicious, good. SO TASTY!!

If you are in the Indian River, Michigan area please check them out. So fun!! Thank you for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ; 


Linda said…
Something tells me they would not deliver here. :-)
Your sunset photos are gorgeous.

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