The Legs Inn

 The Legs Inn

6425 N. Lake Shore Drive, Cross Village, MI

(231) 526-2281

"The Legs Inn, named for the stove legs that trim the roofline, is one of Michigan's most exuberant and unusual landmarks. The building reflects Stanley Smolak's creativity and the craftsmanship of local Odawa (Ottawa) Indians. A Polish immigrant, Smolak came to the United States in 1912 and settled in Cross Village in 1921. During the 1930s Smolak enlisted the labor of Odawa and other area residents to construct the inn from locally gathered timber and stones. A self-trained artist. Smolak used tree roots, limbs and driftwood to carve fantastical creatures into the furniture and decorative objects used in the inn; He called the carvings "nature's oddities." Until his death in 1968 at age 81. Smolak continued his creative work at the inn, which had become a social center for the community. "

"Polish cuisine, w/ variety of American dishes"

Gosh, I've lost track of the number of years the hubby has been trying to get us to this area of Michigan to check out this restaurant. Sometimes working out the details within a trip do not always work when you are not in the right spot (location) of Michigan. Oh well, you know you will keep it on the list and will make it there one day. It was fun and good meal, but it was not earth shaking for me, not writing it down in the books or wishing to return any time soon. was fun to check it out. While visiting it was going through some road construction, so that is always fun and entertaining, NOT!! lol!! Always enjoy walking over dirt, mud piles and rock to get to a front door of a restaurant. Gorgeous views and flowers (gardens). Sometimes I wonder do pictures show that? Michigan views are some of the best!!! Thank you for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ; 


Jenn Jilks said…
I love it!
So heartwarming to see green grass and flowers! We have a layer of snow today, with rain spittin' on down. Sigh. Climate change.
William Kendall said…
I like the exterior.
Linda said…
Unique! Oh, i’ve seen Zoltar before. Thank you for sharing this interesting place.

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