Mill Creek Park


Mill Creek Park, 
1 W. Golf Drive
Youngstown, Ohio

Lanterman's Mill 
Built by German Lanterman & Samuel Kimberly
1845 - 1846

Restored 1982-1984 By The Ward and Florence Beecher Foundations

"The Suspension Bridge, "Cinderella Bridge" located on Valley Drive, was erected in 1895, 
and spans Mill Creek connecting the east and west sides of the park... " (took so many of this view, that bridge really is breathtaking, so amazing!!!)

Fellows Riverside Gardens (all blooms photos, fancy gardens sections are a part of this area, 
FREE admission, well the whole park that we did make a point to go through and enjoy was FREE and that is huge this day and age, when so many locations are ridiculously priced, must see for sure; you will love it!! PROMISE!)

Well, all those photos were not in order ...silly BLOGGER, why do you do that to me?? Sorry about that folks, hopefully you can follow along, because those photos went all kinds of silly. This is all within Mill Creek Park, Youngtown, Ohio. The first shot is a walking path, I must say I don't know where it goes, we were trying to take a different way back to our vehicle instead of walking across the traffic lanes. Come to find out this was not the way, but we did walk a bit ...did enjoy the view. Thankfully a man who was walking his dog was able to tell us that news. Glad we didn't get to somewhere silly and not be able to figure out how to get back to our truck. LOL!! 2 photos of mister chipmunk, I am not sure if the mill was feeding them with bird seed or whatnot, but he had to have his photo taken, he was just too cute for words. Got a few good ones for the blog. So, FUN!! This is a fun walking area, Mill Creek Park is stocked with tons of must-see spots, great for photos or maybe you are planning and outdoor wedding or such? Be sure to it check out!! Thank you kindly for stopping by, hope you are well today. Take Care. Beth ( ; 


Sandi said…
Wow! All wow.
Jenn Jilks said…
The architecture is really interesting!
William Kendall said…
An elegant bridge. The little munk is cute.
Linda said…
Marvelous bridges! Cute chipmunk too.

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