Orkney Spring, Virginia


1. "Henrietta Furnace", outside of Orkney Springs, operated 1851 to 1864. 
We have been so lucky to find these on many of our travels, love finding them. So COOL!!

Orkney Spring, Virginia, 22845
2 & 3: Almost completely empty, very few folks walking around these amazing buildings. Great day for driving through. "Wikipedia", is great for info, if you wish for more, please click these places for more info. "Virginia House", "Shrine Mont", they really enjoy folks who stop by for fly fishing. It was purchased in 1979 by the Episcopal Church. Retreat area.

4: "Macedonia Church", Coffeytown, Virginia. Built in 1896.
A historic Methodist Church, Gothic Revival style influences...

Thank you for stopping by today. It is always super kind of ya. It was a quick day trip last Sunday March 19, hope you had a great Saint Patrick's Day, if you celebrate??! Always enjoy getting, feeling and being in the sun, see gorgeous sights & just have a great weekend. Hope you're having a chance to get out and see your world. Hope life is going well for you. Take Care!! Beth ( ; 


This N That said…
Interesting spots to visit..Some how...I no longer get your posts..Hope all is well.
William Kendall said…
I do like these views.

In regards to your comment, blogger has been doing weird things for many months, including dumping real comments into spam folders.
Beth here, friends when i am posting your blog ...it is showing that i am "Anonymous" commentor i am not sure why? i am log into my google account ...but i just don't get it? is anyone else having this problem? any advice would be appreciated. thank you. ( ;
Ruth Hiebert said…
This looks like a charming place. Yes, being out in the fresh air and sunshine is so refreshing.
Linda said…
I love Orkney Springs! I live in Woodstock so it’s a half hour drive.

Yes, Blogger has been acting up. Again.
hey, Linda ...i am trying to reply or comment on your blog and i am already signed into my google account. i am having issues on being Anonymous on my Canadian friends' blogs as well ... i am so confused. i love you friends and not being able to comment is frustrating. i could cry ...i don't mean to sound dramatic. just know it is nothing personal ...i am not trying to be silly. or whatnot. i would comment if i could?? if you know i would. if you have advice, please let me know. thank you!! and as always, love ya, thank you so kindly for the comments and bloggy love. always much appreciated. ( ;
Linda said…
Beth, I thought you should know that Bill of TheChurchExplorer was in intensive care but has now recovered enough to return home. He posted an update on Spuds Daily Photo.

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