Cabins at Healing Springs

 The Cabins at Healing Springs

1097 E. Healing Springs Road, Crumpler, NC 28617

"tucked away at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mtns. ... discovered in 1884 and was originally called Thompson's Bromine and Arsenic Springs..."

It was a fun getaway late March early April 2023 that the hubby and I did take. So cute. Amazing what you can live without. Is that what folks are calling a "minimalist lifestyle" aren't all the hip cool folks doing it?? I am kidding there. Amazing you don't need it all (or at least what the world thinks you need to be happy, healthy and all well??!) to relax and chill. A queen-sized bed, restroom, fridge, toaster, coffee maker, plates, cups and silverware. & most importantly, so says my hubby, a endless supply of the best water you can ever have. LOL!! Now it is so difficult to wash dishes in a bathroom sink that is super tiny, but it can be done. You might get some water on the floor & here and there but it's workable. It was fun to open up the window, enjoy the cooler breezes, listen to the water. Thanks, for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ; 


i got say friends, this is still blowing my marbles away, lOL!! making a joke of course there. but the commenting is still confusing me ...wish i knew more. lots of clean up after my short camping trip this past weekend. take care friends. we took a real quick trip to Alabama, Georgia back yesterday. so it was fun but 2 quick. amazing how green VA is now ...we had like 3 inches in the rain gauge. saw a fox, 2 quick for a photo, but you know it sure was fun, what other animal did we see on our journeys??? ...made me think of my bloggy buddies. ( :
Ruth Hiebert said…
I’m sure we could all do with less, but I for one enjoy my convenience. I started my married life living very simply, so I’ve been there, done that.
This N That said…
I guess we should all try to live with less...It would take some getting used to!!Looks like a fun place to spend a weekend...
William Kendall said…
I do think that I enjoy having a few conveniences. Good shots.
Linda said…
Bromine and arsenic?! That does not sound healthy at all!

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