Catawba, N.C.


A day trip while visiting in North Carolina in late March, early April 2023 ...we got to see Catawba. Such a sweet town. Small in size but such character. Anyone know why Pepsi keeps changing their emblem? I mean why? What was wrong with what they had in the past; I think you need to keep similar to what you had ...changing it too much will just look silly. "LOGO", is the word I am looking for ... doing a bit of research and I see that 125th anniversary of Pepsi is in 2024.... so, they will be revealing and making a big too do about it then ...guess we will just have to wait and see??!? Which do you prefer small or larger city/towns? Thanks, for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ; 


Ruth Hiebert said…
I think some small towns are quaint, but for shopping, i prefer a larger city which has more choices. As for Pepsi, just don’t mess with the flavor. It is the beverage of choice in my home.
Linda said…
I love small towns, although I often have to go to a large town to visit a doctor or go shopping.

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