Union Grove, N.C.


Linney's Water Mill Store

4635 Linneys Mill Road, Union Grove, NC 28689
(704) 592-2075

update: I see that some of you folks switch browsers, while commenting on blogger ...give me details on that please. so, do you mean you go from Google and then what? I am using Microsoft. so that sometimes is not friendly with Google, I wonder??

Not often but every once in a while, we find a working mill ...this is 1 ...if you are in the area, please check them out, ONLY DO CASH though, so beware of that!! I biggest reason for not buying anything, we can't have that much cash ...not sure how you travel but we don't do cash. It is amazing this day and age how many folks do that, ONLY TAKE CASH?? Makes you so curious?!?!? (side note: are you a farmer, what I mean is do you have a garden? I've been working on my own lately ...last year I did only do plants from the Lowe's.  ... I think I got 3 tomatoes, 1 bean and a few strawberries. This year I was determined to get some actual produce, we will, see???! So, I started them from seeds ...just moved them to larger cups (started them in egg cartons, which is really not that much room to beginning with, but I had more hopes??!) in hopes that they will grow more before I can get them outside. They always suggest waiting around here to plant items outside after Mother's Day. fingers and toes are crossed on a great turnout??! I'll keep ya posted. thanks, for listening.) We did visit on a Saturday, so the place was a zoo, lots of men coming in for items. I would assume they were local farmers, but just guessing. Lots of exercise loading up their trucks, I am happy to see them in business and hopefully doing well and will continue to do so in the future years. Thank you for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ; 


hey, Linda ...i am writing my comment for your blog here. hope you will see it??! we have so many bird friends around here. the woodpeckers of all types are flying around like wild. so fun. spring is here. have a great week. to everyone else. i think i am able to comment on your blogs. we will, see?? thanks for understanding. take care this week. smiles. ( ;
William Kendall said…
Excellent shots!

In regards to your question, I exclusively use Google Chrome as a browser. It may well be a browser issue for you.

That doesn't explain why blogger continues to shunt real comments into spam folders each and every day. Sometimes repeatedly.
Jenn Jilks said…
I seldom have cash. I don't really shop, either! Just festivals and such. Grocery stores drive me nuts.
I love your photo with the terrific glasses.

This N That said…
Love old mills..especially working ones with a store to go with it..Great place to spend a few hours..Thanks for sharing..
PS...I use and have been using Google Chrome..I can comment on your blog, I just don't get it in my email anymore so I may forget to check it..ENjoy your week..
Linda said…
I like old mills.

Your latest comment came through. I am on a Mac and I normally use Safari as a browser, but it does not always work for commenting so then I change to Chrome.

I haven’t had much luck with raising vegetables. I rarely get enough for a full serving.

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