WNC Sculpture Park, NC

 Western North Carolina Sculpture Park

4646 Patterson School Drive, Lenoir, NC 28645


Quick side note: On these google commenting issues, please know I am visiting your blogs like normal; I don't always visit ...unless I have a post that I am sharing, sorry that there is just not enough time to always visit, I hope you get that. I love your visit and I thank you for your kindness. You all are so fun, you are my bloggy friends, and I am sorry that google is having issues. If you have any questions, advice or whatnot please let me know. THANK YOU!!

If you celebrate, I wish to say Happy EASTER to you!! Enjoy it, may you have a chance to be with the ones you love and celebrate our Risen Lord! God is Good!!

Please know that you can always enlarge my photos by clicking on them ...the first one is of a young lady ...I am guessing in her 20's ...but she is one of the amazing, gifted artists who works at this location, creating such amazing pieces ...you can walk and walk ...checking them out ...if it had been a cooler day, we would have...but it was that day of wild winds (has your weather been wild too? Lost power at home, times are always interesting and so entertaining. never a dull moment. lol.) and so warm. In the 80's. So we did some, and I am sharing several with you now. Enjoy!! It is a free event and they do ask for donations if you are so inclined. We have been so lucky to have seen so many similar art gardens like this one throughout the USA over the years ...it is amazing how many great amazing folks are out there that they have so much to share ...my eyes are blessed ...I love looking at each piece, wondering what they were thinking? What materials they did use? Energy? Time? If you are ever wondering what you need in your life, ART ...find a gift you are great at ...drawing, painting, making clothes ...use your hands, eyes and abilities to grow and learn. You are never too old to do something new and fun. Go on, best of luck on all you do.

The last few shots are of: "Southern Comforts" by: Patrick Dougherty "Sponsored by the Patterson School Foundation hosted by the Western NC Sculpture Center and built with volunteers during a three-week residency in April 2021."

My hubby had a few days off from work late March early April 2023, and we took a quick getaway, staying in an old cabin, I will share that soon. What a fun day trip while visiting in North Carolina. Thank you for stopping by today. Take Care. Beth ( ;


William Kendall said…
The last sculpture set is quite something.
Ruth Hiebert said…
Fun pictures. I hope you are well and enjoying every day.
i am happy to see that on Ruth's blog i am good. but on Linda (i am unable to post on your blog, no commenting. i am truly sorry there) on William's i am anonymous but i can post? weird. on "Jenn J" i have not heard from her again so i don't know if she saw my comment from 2 weeks ago?? but i think it is a google issue. so weird. take care this week. ( ;
Linda said…
I love sculpture parks! Yeah, Google does not play well with others. Sometimes I have to switch browser’s when I want to comment. Sometimes I don’t have time to do that.
Billy Blue Eyes said…
Cool place to go. Right I have problems with Google as well but I tend to use Microsoft edge to for replying to peoples posts one. Google seeme to have a serious problem
This N That said…
Definitely some interesting and intricate sculptures there..Thanks for sharing..Enjoy the rest of your week..Hope you had a nice Easter.

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