Ashe County Cheese


Ashe County Cheese

106 E Main Street, West Jefferson, NC 28694
(800) 445-1378

"...oldest cheese plant, producing quality cheese since 1930... "

Hey there, how are you this week? Are you a cheese fan? What's your favorite? American? Coby? Cheddar? Swiss? Gouda? When we took a trip this area of "Jefferson", they were not making any cheese. It was a rainy day, so perfect for window shopping or drooling over yummy goodness. lol!! We didn't ask, but curious how often they are working in the cheese factory? Aren't those cows so fun, great idea to camouflage, some boring looking tanks ...wonder how often they update them?? So cute!! Be sure to add this stop to your travel itinerary if in the area and lover of all things cheese. Take Care. Beth ( ; 


William Kendall said…
The cow decor is neat.
This N That said…
Love the cows and who doesn't like cheese?? I like most of them..All those that you mentioned and more..
Is the cheese factory still making cheese..It looks pretty deserted...
Have a good week..
they make cheese all the time but i am thinking not daily ...unless there is a big order??! the shop was pretty full of supplies. they sure did have unique flavors. lol!! ( ;
Linda said…
Neat cows! I used to like muenster cheese, but I don’t tolerate dairy products now.
sorry to hear about your cheese allergy Linda ...that is no fun. i cannot eat cheese like i once did ...i tend to eat just a bit here and there, when i think i need it well, i am the type of person who listens ...when i crave it ...that is when i eat a bit. never touch it when i don't. i know a lot of folks who will say listen to what you body calls for ...& that is me ...i listen. i've been staying away from sodas ...amazing what your body loses in weight. now if i can stay away from all those sweets, i am trying ...every once in a while, ...i want something sweet. i am staying away from those coffee places ...that saves money. calories i am know. i make my own if i want coffee at home. but i don't need it like some. it doesn't wake me up like i guess they say it does for them??! i guess you gotta listen to you, yourself and i. lol!! take care everyone. thanks for the visits. always a pleasure to see ya. ( :

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