Carter's General Store, VA


Carter's General Store
6376 Bedford Hwy, Lynch Station, VA. 24571
(434) 309-1753

Built in 1880's. Located near Leesville, VA. My hubby couldn't get over how sweet all the ladies who were cooking all the goodies were ...finding KIND folks is always a plus. My hubs is a sucker for nostalgic days kind of items ...this story had a bunch of them. Good to step back in the good ole' days!! We got some dumplin soup (chicken, veggies and such a warming soup, would have been great if it was a cold day, I needed the recipe. Love trying new soups.) and a thick cut bologna sandwich. Both were so good. Yummy, good. Thanks, for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ; 


Sandi said…
Reminds me of the Steven Wright joke:

I went to a General Store, but I wanted something more specific.
William Kendall said…
Good that it is kept up.
Jenn Jilks said…
Happy birthday, you cute, young thing!
Cute general store. I love finding them in teeny towns,
Michelle said…
These kind of places are a favorite of mine. What a great find.
wow, time is flying ... 2023 ...i just can not believe how quickly it is just blinking by. you all have a great week. rainy here in VA. be well. be having that smile. ( ;
Linda said…
Wow, that facade is incredible!
Betty J. Crow said…
This is my kind of place. Love nostalgia! The building is amazing. Happy Friday!

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