Moravian Falls, NC


"...Foothills of the Brushy Mtns. Settled by the Owen family in about 1750. 1754 Moravian Church purchased 9000 acres of the land. Today the waterfalls is a local tourist attraction... "

"Wilkes County, N.C. elevation of 1,192 feet. These pilgrims originally came from Bohemia and Moravia, neighboring provinces in what is now the Czech Republic."

I am pondering this for a moment, but I do believe that this wheel is probably the biggest we have seen on a mill yet?? That needs to go down in our "record books", don't ya think?? (Be sure to check out that link above, a lot of fun information about this beauty cool. Love learning, don't you??!!??!) It amazes me how something like this can just be sitting there on the side of the road and all you need to do is stop and check it out. What awesomeness ...way cool!! RIGHT?? Love it. Look at the wheel. Thanks for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ;


hey bloggy friends, hope you're well this week. rainy out's your life? ( ;
William Kendall said…
A pretty waterfall.
This N That said…
You know that I love grist mills and water falls..Would love to photograph more water falls but they are not close by..Have a good week..
Linda said…
Lovely place! That wheel looks huge.

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