Mount Jefferson State Natural Area


1481 Mount Jefferson State Park Road, West Jefferson, NC 28694

"northwestern corner of NC along border of Tennessee and Virginia. Mtn peaks can be seen from the Blue Ridge Parkway. Named after Thomas Jefferson and his father Peter, who owned land in this area in the 1700s, rise 4,683..."

Sure would have enjoyed seeing this view when Jefferson did, can you imagine ...certain no Walmart, Lowe's or other shopping locations in those views, I am for sure about that ... Lol!! What a rainy day it was, but we got to see this amazing view. So gorgeous. It is a free visit, no charge. We would have gone hiking that day, but in the rain, that was a pass. We saw a lot of great views on this quick 4-day trip away from our home in late March, early April 2023. So fun!! Take Care. Beth ( ; 


Jenn Jilks said…
That is a lovely spot.
William Kendall said…
Beautiful shots!
Linda said…
That’s what we call “winter views” because greenery will block them in summer. Interesting history!
happy to be home after a quick trip to Selkirk, NY. what a blast. i am 45 and a few days. time flies. always young at heart. hope every one is great and doing fabulous!! take care and as always, love ya for your comments, you all are great. be well. ( ;

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