Reddish Knob, West VA.


Route 25: Reddish Knob Road out of West VA ...will lead you along a road ...that gives you such amazing views in West Virginia ...back into Virginia. You are driving through George Washington National Forest. Just lots of looking back and forth between the left and right side of the car. Look at all that moss ...spring is coming slow to the upper trees of these mountains. We met on the way up some teenage boys (I'm guessing their age, could have been older or younger?!? I do wonder when you make choice, do you think it has to do with your age or do folks who are older they make rash or wild decisions as well?? I am not making judgement or anything either way ...I just mean some choices I made as a kid to go cave exploring ...I might not do it today like I did back in the early days of my life, was I more adventurous or what is different? Are you similar or what??! Curious.) any who ...they were getting ready to skateboard? Curious what they had in mind? Down the road or what? There were some off-road vehicles running around ...guess folks know the road is not business so it is great for their sporty moments.

The both of us have never traveled this road before the road does say it is not recommended for vehicles that are big or like trailers being pulled (towed) is meant to be a 2-lane road but there are many locations that are not that wide for both vehicles. Thankfully we never needed to pass an oncoming vehicle, if we did have a vehicle behind us that needed to be faster, we would just pull over and let them by. Not sure how you feel, but we both feel it is just safer to let the faster folks by rather than having them tailgating behind ya! Safer than sorry, that's my moto to live by. My hubby asked, "wonder what this road looks like the fall season??!?" I joked with him saying that it would be fall leaves and possibly of slippery roads, maybe???! Thank you for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ; 


Jenn Jilks said…
There are so many reasons for teens and young adults doing risky things. Their brains aren't fully developed, and they don't tend to think things through. I studied this while I was teaching.
Linda said…
I was there many years ago. I don’t remember much about it but I liked it a lot. Yes, I pull over to let people pass me. Especially pick up trucks, for some reason their drivers are often impatient. They will pass you on a double line.

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