Route 21, West VA.


"Mitchell Mill" Brandywine, West Virginia

We were so lucky on the weekend of April 16, 2023, ...we found 3 different mills we were not familiar with ...we love finding new to us MILLS!! If you missed any of them, please catch up.... "Sugar Grove, West VA" and "Red Mill, Palo Alto, VA" . Just like the 1, I'm calling "Red Mill" this one had a huge wheel ...not saying without the mill you can not have the wheel ...they go hand in hand. But those wheels are awesome to see ...often wonder when the wheel goes missing ..,what happened or where did it WHEEL on off to?? Curious. 

Look at those puffy clouds was a gorgeous Sunday. We dropped by an Aldi and picked up some lunch meat, cheese, fancy rolls, honey mustard, some kettle chips ...and a few other fixings for another day ...and kept on driving. We found a stopping spot round about lunch time (that's NOON TIME if anyone is curious?? LOL!!) and made of a sandwich. Good day. Nothing like a sandwich in nature ...spring offers such sweet smells are blooming. Glad I take my allergy medicine but still fun to be out there.

This one was before Sugar Grove, West VA route 21 south of Sugar Grove. Thank you for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ; 


Jenn Jilks said…
I haven't been to the US in many years! Thanks for sharing your travels. I live vicariously!
William Kendall said…
A beautiful building.
Linda said…
Nice! I should go there.

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