Sugar Grove, West VA


The cute little area of "SUGAR GROVE", West Virginia. We were out for a day drive, nothing totally wild, just enjoying the perfect spring weather. 

(picture 4 & 1) Homan Mill:
feed mill. Picture one is a bit more far away view, we were parking in the USPS parking lot, but it was so pretty how could we not enjoy it even more, we had to see the view. Sugar Grove is sure a gorgeous area. But finding out information about it is so tough??? The National Security Agency is located in or around it but I wonder if for that reason it is so hush hush?!? I wonder. It is in the National Radio Quiet Zone, 13,000 square miles in West VA and Virginia. 

(picture 2) is a church zooming in to see the name is near impossible. I did get the hubby to try on his cell phone, to zoom in ...but it is just not that great for figuring it out ...interesting, don't ya think??!

(picture 3) Dr. Bower's House:
Built: 1898 2 1/2 story Queen Anne style frame, 
1985 became listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

I've told once, I've told ya twice, I am being dramatic and serious at the same time here, that West Virginia is my lungs, Virginia will always be my heart ...without either of these most important state (I often call my hubby dramatic, that he gets passionate about things in his life that mean a lot to him, but I guess when I think about it, I am as well. traveling, being out there and such seeing things that I don't get to see on the daily, unique items (places & things) it just makes my heart happy, and I feel truly alive. I am truly thankful and grateful for all my many blessings and opportunities, unlike some, but if you don't enjoy traveling that is okay as well. I might not get it as much as I know the love for travel. But I am sure you have met folks who are like that, are happy in their rooted communities and just are okay with being where they are and no desire to move, go other places or whatever.) I just can't be me, myself and I ...these 2 states make me so happy. I don't think either of them get the respect they most definitely deserve. I often wonder will we get to travel like we once did? I try not to get down about it, but I wonder?? I try to stay happy and positive about what happens. Gods in charge and all is right. Thank you for stopping by today. Hope you are well today. Take Care. Beth ( ;


Linda said…
Pretty! I have heard of people moving there just to get away from radio signals and stuff. There was a story about a couple of airline employees who became sensitive to electromagnetic radiation and moved there.

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