Oakwood Cemetery


Little Nadine Earles Doll House Grave, Oakwood Cemetery, Lanett, Alabama

"Nadine passed away in 1933. All she wanted for Christmas was a doll house, a wish her father was busy working on to fulfill for her. She died on the 18th, one week before the day. Her parents still made sure that her wish was granted..."

"For years her parents (Julian & Alma) did the upkeep of house. They did pass away, 
Now the city takes care of it."

This was just so precious; I never had a doll house and boy did it make me wanna play. Enjoy the quiet times of those days when life was not so serious, laying in the grass looking at the stars and light bugs, wow, good times!!! I love this, so cute ...and I am sure that Nadine has been visiting many times over the years she is not forgotten and so many amazing stories for the ones who have pilgrimage to see her and her gorgeous doll house. We were not the only ones visiting that rainy day, I am recalling a Sunday, but not so sure, trip we took in late April 2023, I do wonder how many folks have visited and where would they be from? What states or overseas? This is new to me ...never heard of a tales similar to this have you?? Thank you for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ; 


Jenn Jilks said…
This is quite amazing. What a project for them.
I hope you are well, too!
Linda said…
Wow! Interesting story. I’ve never seen a doll house that big.

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