Providence Canyon

 Providence Canyon State Park

8930 Canyon Road, Lumpkin, GA 31815

1,003 acre state park located in Stewart County, southwest, GA.

This really reminds me of Bryce Canyon National Park, which is in southern western Utah. I think land formations are so cool, it is just wild what the earth is made up of ... awesome!!! I am curious why the folks who are recommending you travel to Providence Canyon say it "Georgia's Little Grand Canyon" ...I guess I can see what they are saying but I say it is still leaning more towards Bryce than the Grand Canyon we have been so super lucky to see both of those. When we were driving into this park there was what I would guess was a rattlesnake (I was not close enough, couldn't hear his rattle or all that, it didn't look like a garter snake) on the road, now my hubby missed him, but he was up on the back of his tail, hiss at us, spitting and then here can a tractor trailer behind us going well over 60ish, 'cause that was the speed of the road ...I am wondering if he did make it??! Found it extremely odd that a snake of such a smaller size would be so violent with vehicles that are just so larg?!? Wild times!!! I wonder how the folks who deal with rattlesnakes their lives, I freak out over a copperhead ...can't imagine seeing a rattlesnake???!!?!? My brother has seen the while hiking trails ...they love sunning on top of the rocks. How is life this week? You good? Thanks for stopping by today. Take Care. Beth ( ; 


Linda said…
Wow, I did not know this place existed. It certainly looks like a place out west.
William Kendall said…
Quite a landscape.

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