Salem Shotwell


Salem-Shotwell Covered Bridge
700 Park Road, Opelika, AL

"known as the Pea Ridge Covered Bride, is locally owned wooden covered bridge..."

bridge was closed in 1994 due to high water and erosion from various storms, 
which took a toll on the bridge supports.

During it's time over Wacoochee Creek, it has been said to be haunted by children who were killed in a motor vehicle accident near the bridge... there was a girl who was strangled on the bridge. But locals are not sure that either did really happen??!

in Lee County, alternative names for this stream are: "Hollynocky Creek & Woc-coo-che Creek" ...

Had it not been raining it would have been a perfect park to enjoy the day within. So many unique names in Alabama. Maybe a children's birthday party or get some of that excess energy out. We were stopping by for the restrooms, as well as viewing the covered bridge. So awesome!!! We were not the only ones visiting though, I truly appreciate town that make public restrooms available to us travelers. Hope you are well. Thanks for stopping by today. Take Care. Beth ( ; 


William Kendall said…
A pretty bridge.
Linda said…
Yes, public restrooms are great when traveling. That is a lovely bridge.

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