Billy Carter Museum


..."it is the mission of the Plains Better Hometown Program to revitalize the Main Street area and preserve local heritage. ... Mr Mill sold the station to Billy in June of 1972 and passed away in September of that year. Billy struggled to maintain the legacy of "good times" at the station and through the years continued some of the same rituals of shooting dice and cooking, but most of all the tradition of swapping tall tales and enjoying time with friends, old and new." 

on the restroom door reads: "There were two public restrooms, accessible from outside, and one inside for the employees and the regulars. Tourists started to use the one inside. Before long, a hand lettered sign appeared on the door. 'WARNING!!!' the sign said, 'Growling Crotch Crickets!! Enter at Own Risk!!' It's not that anyone minded the tourists using our restroom. But it was comical to watch a person approach the door and place his hand on the knob. The sign would catch his eye and then he'd slowly back away and leave in search of another place to go. Others hesitantly turned the knob to peer around the open door. Some entered, some didn't. -- Buddy Carter"

Billy Carter Service Station, Plains, Georgia

"In 1954 Mill Jennings, Owner and Operator of Standard Oil Station purchased this building from Thad Jones and moved the building to it's current site. The Plains Hotel, which had recently been torn down, previously occupied the lot. Originally, the building served as a playhouse and dance studio for Jones' daughter. In 1972, Mill Jennings sold the station to Billy Carter, Brother of President Jimmy Carter. In 1976, Billy Carter's station became important landmark in the history of Plains when Billy's station became famous nationwide, as journalists covering Jimmy Carter's Presidental campaign made it their headquarters. In 2008, the Plains better hometown program acquired the building and opened it as the Billy Carter Museum."

Several of these views are looking across the train tracks, which is such a small quick hop, skip and a jump away from looking toward Billy Service Station. I think Plains, Georgia is such an awesome location, I can see why President Carter loves it so. Being that my brother doesn't read my blog, I will tell you a story brother we call him "Billy", real name is William (same with Dad, never will forget when a great, was it 2 greats said to my dad, Billy ...blah, blah, blah ...and I was like that's not Billy ...didn't realize my dad was ever called Billy. But I guess you gotta start somewhere don't ya??!) ...we are giving him for Christmas one of those Billy beer cans ...can't wait to see what he thinks?! Can't get over how much Billy Carter looks like my brother??! Thought that was pretty cool. Hey, thanks for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ; 


William Kendall said…
I wouldn't have known!
Linda said…
I was thinking about Billy Beer just before you mentioned the beer can. I imagine young folks don’t know what we’re talking about.
R's Rue said…
I love the comment you left me. You seem like a wonderful human. I love getting to know you. Love to you.

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