Plains, GA - one


(3 photos above) "the south's largest political memorabilia dealer and secret service pin dealer"

... Philip Kurland and his wife, Ramona own the "Plains Trading Post" ...

we have been in many of types of stores, but seriously you could spend hours in this store much to look at and Mr. Kurland, had me laughing to tears ...the stories, the tales, I mean he is just too much ...the amount of tales, and jokes he told. So funny.  My hubby did find several greeting cards he couldn't live without ... I did see a "Miss Piggy" pin but decided against because it was $9.99 figured that was a bit steep for me ...considering what can you seriously do with a pin ...not that Miss Piggy will be running for President any time soon? I was raised on the Muppets her!! LOL!! Now what he did believe or whatnot, I don't think is the point, I think he truly wishes to find what you love and make it happen ...the amount of people he has met, I cannot imagine. I was just shocked. Hope this will make sense, I find it hard to believe that folks don't realize that a person needs after living a public life, being in the news, or dealing with a huge exitances they should be allowed to live out their days ... and just be left alone. I think that Jimmy gets to walk those streets whenever he so desires... Quiet, happy and healthy ...still the good Lord calls him home.

Antique Mall (above and below)

"Plains is a small town along the backroads of Sumter County, GA, 
approximately two-and-a-half hours south of Atlanta."

Plains, GA is very photogenetic, so great for the photos. You know how sometimes folks will like aim the camera or somehow take out a tree, an ugly house or whatever, they enhance this or that, well that doesn't have to happen in Plains, GA's just too cute!!! Sometimes you look at photos and you think wow, I wanna go there ...but seriously you need to go to Plains really is a pretty little area of Georgia. Love it!! President Carter was the 39th President of the USA, and I would have been a wee little one when he was in office, I know, I know, how many times are you gonna tell that story ...but I was born May 23, 1978, life was good back then, I miss the good ole' days when you did play in the yard, barefoot, and biking up and down the streets, not worrying about too much traffic, you knew your neighbors and you felt you could go to them if something was amiss, life was great then I was a real spring chicken. LOL!! I remember that smile though. Now politics is not something you talk about, but we have been to many a Presidents' homes during our travels, and it doesn't matter the party, I don't worry about that, I have always been a fan of history, being proud to be an American and know where we came from and what we were, lessons are learned, we grow from our mistakes, we work on being a better person and keep on try. Failing is a part of life and doing or having mistakes is part of life, no one is perfect. I am not gonna go if they belong to this or that, we just wanna see some history, enjoy the architecture and see some country. Not sure how you feel or whatnot, but history is history and I enjoy learning. I wanted to give you names of the places if you might wish to visit ...
Thank you for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ; 


Sandi said…
I like the giant peanut!
R's Rue said…
What a pretty place.
William Kendall said…
He is an inherently good man.
Linda said…
Thank you for sharing these pictures. I have never been there, but maybe I should go.

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