Plains, GA - two


Jimmy Carter Boyhood Farm, Plains, Georgia (photo 1 & 2)

The Smiling Peanut - 1976 (photo 3 & 4)

"This 13-foot-tall peanut was brought to Plains after a 1976 Carter Presidental Rally in Evansville, Indiana. It is made of polyurethane foam covered with chicken wire. Maxine Reese accepted the peanut for the Plains Historical Preservation Trust in 1976. After the 1976 Presidental election, The Smiling Peanut was moved from the Plains Campaign Headquarters to his location. It has been named as one of the Top 50 roadside attractions in America. Plains Historical Preservation Trust Historical Marker Project - 2022"

Plain Peanuts, Main Street, Plains, GA

"founded in 1988, Bobby & Jean purchased the old Carter's Warehouse located on Main Street, creating "Plain Peanuts". we did try the "peanut butter ice cream", which was absolutely delicious and got a few treats for folks and some for us to take home. They do have "free samples" if you need to pick a favorite. Taking this shot from a bench right outside the ice cream shop, enjoying our ice cream and saw these peanuts, I really did wanna run over and grab a few from the tractor, I am sure the driver does that all the time, right??!! Kidding but why not, peanuts are just a healthy snack, YUMMY. I enjoy most types of peanuts, flavors, and all that, are you a fan of boiled peanuts? Not myself, I prefer the crunch of a normal in my opinion peanut. My hubby says I am not truly southern not like the "boiled peanuts", his mother is from Mississippi originally and she loves them. I will give her my share to enjoy. I did do some research online and i see they say that "boiled peanuts" have the most "antioxidants" in them, but i just cannot get over the mushiness of them. I prefer a CRUNCH that's what a peanut is meant to be. Kind of like when you need an apple CRUNCH is meant to be there, not mush. But like all things if you prefer it the other way around that's your choice, I am just saying my favorite. I love peanuts as a snack, been that way since childhood, what Virginian wouldn't them, but apparently it is a real treat in Plains, Georgia as well. Or maybe Jimmy is a fan and it just rubbed off on the locals as well? (President Carter). Hope you will as well. Take Care. Thank you for stopping by today. Beth ( ; 


Jenn Jilks said…
I do like peanuts!
Linda said…
The Smiling peanut made me laugh. Sadly, I had to give up peanuts a couple years ago when they came up as an allergen on an allergy test. Fortunately, I can still eat cashews.
Sandi said…
I love peanuts, but that thing is terrifying! 😄
William Kendall said…
President Carter's influence there is big.

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