Seale, Alabama


Museum of Wonder Drive Thru, Seale Alabama

Butch Anthony is a contemporary, self-taught artist, maker, and collector of objects and antiques. He's the creator of this museum. In the early 1990's Butch started creating art using various media and techniques, crafting them into one-of-a-kind-masterpieces. Throughout a career spanning decades, Butch created a specific genre of work called Intertwanglelism, (inter = to mix; twangle = a distinctive way of speaking, thinking, behaving, assessing; and ism = a theory). Butch attended Auburn University in the mid 1980's, where he studied zoology, geology, and biology. While there, he enrolled in a comparative anatomy class that he would later attribute to the use of veins and bones in his art.

I did go to his website and the text there above in italics is describing his art form and what it means? I truly thought that it was too cool not to share with you, and I am not familiar with it, so I wonder if you would be in the same boat? I enjoy learning and I enjoy hearing about what folks love in their lives ... a learning experience for me and hopefully for us all. Silly, google did reverse the order of these photos ...hopefully it will make some sense, hoping you can enlarge and maybe zoom in???! The bobbers "Make Cornbread Not War" have saying on them... didn't realize i took a photo of myself in the side truck mirror, look that was kind of funny, when i got home to see that. COOL! we have been to many of a similar art "drive thru" type art locations throughout the USA and really have enjoyed them, but this one is truly different, in that these items are behind glass, I don't believe we have ever seen this technique or style before. QUIRKY, that is my term for it and i enjoy folks who wish to be unique!!!! ...I guess at the time I didn't really get or understand the art, like how did they all come together, what was his vision and how to make it make more sense to me? If that make any sense whatsoever??! I think art is a personal thing, so for me it will connect with one thing and for you something totally different!?!??! Maybe you will bring in certain life experiences, or a story you were told or whatever, but for everyone is so very different!! a UNIQUE EXPERINECE indeed!!! I respect and I enjoy his aim for finding a way to express his creativeness, love that!!! BE BOLD, BE YOU, & if no one likes it, it's their loss, not yours!! ...but after reading his website & get more of an understanding from where Butch came from, what he did in school and now where he lives his life, I respect and enjoy it even more ... Thank you, Butch for sharing your art. You have a lovely week and thank you kindly for stopping by. Take Care. Beth ( ;


Jenn Jilks said…
That looks like a lot of fun! You find amazing spots!
Linda said…
Intertwanglelism Is quite a word! Fun place.

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