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Bean's Grist Mill, 1832. 1 of the earliest mills in the Chattahoochee Valley. 1874 washed out the gristmill. On West Point Parkway, Lee County. Open spring & fall but not open public. So that is great to hear that it is still in operation.

Chewacla Creek, Lee County. Whatley's Grist Mill. 1837. water-powered sawmill. Provided lumber for many of the buildings in Opelika and Auburn. in 1964: when a 3-day freezing (I did realize that Alabama ever really dealt with freezing rain or that kind of weather, I would have thought it was to warm in these parts. LOL!!) rain caused the dam to split and the iron water wheel to travel downstream. A 5th generation of the Mitchell family salvaged the wheel and mounted it on a lake about 3 miles away from the mill. 

Meadows Mill, Little Uchee Creek, 1830 to 1835. "Alabama's Falling Water". 10-foot waterfall under the house. a nod to the famous Falling Water created by Frank Lloyd Wright. 

Some of the photos have not stayed together, because you know Google it tends to do what it wishes. LOL!! You bloggy friends are the best. I am hoping you can follow. I have 3 post of mills we found in Alabama while were in that area for a short bit, about a weeklong getaway. It was a fun getaway, glad to have had the chance. Hope you are well this week. Take Care. Beth ( ; 


Sandi said…
Serene. It looks like fresh rain. 🤎
William Kendall said…
Terrific shots.
Linda said…
Beautiful scenery! It must’ve been a lot of water to move an iron wheel that far.

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