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The Horace King Memorial Covered Bridge

"The trail traces the path of the Chattahoochee Valley Railway, which was constructed by the West Point Manufacturing Company to serve several cotton mills along the Chattahoochee River on the Alabama-Georgia border."

later addition to this bloggy post, adding this on 9/22/2023: THANK YOU, Linda for the link: please folks check it out.. ... "Chuck Moore"

Hey there. These sights were fun to see. It was pouring down rain grey gloomy kind of day but so fun to see it either way, glad to share it as well. 

"Moores Creek Walking Trail", it looks like a perfect place to walk your dog, or cat or just yourself for some exercise. We love finding those places, don't you?? 

I think google and other search engines are so tough to move along in, you know what you wanna find but will they supply that information easily or will you have to pull on your hairs to get what you need?? ...I am trying to research "Chuck Moore" but couldn't find much. He was the artist of these characters, and what a genius, I really enjoy finding these, the hubby usually will look on unique websites finding weird, or the usual sights and you really do find some WILD places. We sure do enjoy it. 

"Horace King Memorial Bridge and Gardens". On 19th Avenue Bridge over Moores Creek. Chuck Moore made this here family out of train parts in 2002. These parts were used at one time on the Chattahoochee Valley Railroad. The family weigh in at 3,400, would you have even guessed that?? I recall when in school there were moments when they would show you a jar filled with candy or whatever and would ask you, what do you think? How many? What's your guess??! Makes you think. Thank you for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ; 


Jenn Jilks said…
What a great spot. The sculptures are amazing!
William Kendall said…
Lovely bridge views.
Linda said…
Oh oh! I think I found him! Fantastic work!
Linda said…
P.S. I like the bridges too.
thank you Linda!! so cool. please folks check out the link that Linda did share. i will go add it to my post. you bloggy friends are the best!! have a great weekend. ( ;

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