Selkirk Shores


Selkirk Shores State Park, Pulaski, NY

... 980-acre state park located in the Town of Richland in Oswego County. 

On the eastern shore of Lake Ontario...

We were there camping for 5 days in late May 2023 ...New York state is not too far away from Virginia ...but I sure wish that we didn't have to travel interstate 81 ...we came home using route 15 which is better but still busy. Don't ya wish that all states had back roads wherever you needed to go??! Wouldn't that be awesome?? I think so. LOL!! We tend to find a campground and then branch out from there ...meaning it is our "home base" but then head out some of the trips that week were 2 hours away ...but it works out and always fun when you find a good spot. I don't mean to be TMI ...but walking at night to the bathroom is no fun, be thankful you have indoor plumbing. I know I am grateful at home for that useful service. We got see many blooms that we don't see in our area of Virginia or maybe I should say in our backyard or daily travels. Such amazing sunsets at this campground, it was on Lake Ontario ...the waves were so nice to listen too... comforting. We got there Sunday to Thursday, left Friday morning. Those days were so quiet but Thursday evening the crowds were rushing in ...I prefer a campground much more quiet ...not too busy ...don't get why they put camping spots so close to one another ...humans need "quiet", "space" and did I mention QUIET!! I was raised in a more quiet environment, not that we didn't get loud at times, but I think when that is a trait that you are use to crave it even more when it is not available. 

So, to let the "cat out of the bag", we sold our Casita (even thinking about it today 9.26.2023. it is hard to believe it is gone) ... which means "tiny home" in Spanish ...we purchased her October 2015. Eight great years. A learning curve, a time of growing and changing. Both in our marriage, careers, camping lives, friends, She has blessed us with many great trips, through rain, and many dirt roads & many other wild adventures. Lost count how many trips to Canada, well before 2020 (many folks online, I am hearing this on YouTube "they are calling it the panorama", that sounds good to me!!!) ...Our last trip to Canada was in 2019. Miss Canada to pieces, all our Canadian friends. She has been to lots of states. The more eastern ones, the western states we were in our Roadtrek, which has been long gone for years. 

If she could talk. The stories she would tell, LOL!! Any who ...she went to a good home, an older couple than the 2 us but still young at their travelling hearts ...She will be missed ...we are trying our luck at Air B N B. So, for now, that's the mode of sleep. We find it amazing that you can stay in places that have so many different luxuries, verses a campground which only has a parking spot (I know it includes water, electric, sewer "a place to get rid of liquid waste, nothing solid", I know TMI, but I gotta be honest now folks, you learn a lot when you are campers, and there are many skills you might not wish to know but you will have to learn and deal with) and bathrooms "showers & restrooms") AND as I said to many of a folks asking WHY doesn't mean that camping is gone for our lives, FAR FROM IT, but just changing it up and doing something different??!! Thank you for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ;


Sandi said…
I like the pops of red.
Linda said…
Aww, it was such a cute camper!

When I was younger, I enjoyed tent camping. Now I need a bathroom. I just don’t wanna have to put on my shoes and watch for bears on the way to the restroom.

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