New York State - FOUR


The Stone Windmill - Circa 1825
Built by Hugh McConnell, miller from Scotia. Through the 1800's the structure served as a local jail & in WWII as an air warning post. After the war it served briefly as an American Legion Club House. The land was donated to the village by Charles Chapman in 1943 & 1947 was named Chapman Park.  

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top view is out looking at the water from the lighthouse.

Verona Beach Light House Association Inc.

while we were there, a man working, so that makes you happy to see folks keep the towns looking so pretty, now we were there right before Memorial Day, so maybe they were really beautifying the area??! I am amazed by New York State and their amazing workers, the cemeteries were so well taken care of, just thumbs up there!! WELL DONE!!

I am curious how old this train station was?? We just happened to notice it sitting back in the forest here, it could use some work, but still good bones, fun right??!
route 5 - Port Ontario, NY - train depot (pretty close to the Selkirk State Park)

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Tibbetts Point Lighthouse, Cape Vincent, NY
Wow, this lighthouse, no clue what kind of bugs were infecting the area but wow they were not biting or stinging you ...but they were a real pain, flying into your face, bugging your nose or ears, it was a real windy day, and they were just covering all warm surfaces. It was wild to come back to your vehicle to see they had totally covered them. WILD TIMES!!!

Route 104A, right near the Post Office in Sterling, NY

(2 photos above)

Oswego West Pierhead Lighthouse, Oswego, NY
As you can see this is one you can walk out to, lots of walking to be had in New York State. Lots of kayaking, biking, hiking, whatever kind of sport can happen there. SO COOL!!!

I must say when working up these 4 posts of New York State ... the text did keep changing, not sure how I did that, do you ever feel like blogger has a mind of its own??! Weird. Hope you can see all items, enlarge those photos if you like, click them and zoom in. SO FUN!!!

Well, if you have missed any of the 4 posts from New York State "ONE", "TWO" & "THREE"  .... please catch up, you will be so glad you did, JUST GORGEOUS LOCATION TO BE SEEN, not yelling just saying with much excitement. we really did have a great trip in late May 2023, celebrating my 45th birthday, so cool at night, perfect views, lovely trip ...please catch up. Thank you for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ; 


Jenn Jilks said…
These are wonderful!
Thos old mill stones are quite amazing.
Linda said…
Looks like a great birthday trip! The lighthouses are so scenic.

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