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(2 photos above)

Selkirk Lighthouse on Salmon River

now we didn't take any pics when visiting this state park but this lighthouse is around about there is a "private residence" i don't really wish to say here it is and give an address ...but you can do you research if you wanna visit. i would think that most folks would realize when you are wishing to see lighthouses, you wanna see them and take pics ... but you can visit Robert G Wehle State Park, NY, 1,067-acre state park, eastern shore of Lake Ontario, town of Henderson, Jefferson County, they have a great park, apparently this family really enjoyed hunting dogs, and did donate the land for the chance to share with others. 

(2 photos above)

Sodus Outer Light - defining the channel from Lake Ontario into Sodus Bay, NY. established in 1858.

"This Lighthouse was located on the Cape Vincent Breakwater from 1900 to 1951, it was moved to the present location and now serves as a proud landmark for this approach to the village"

Glenora Falls, Dundee, NY
Glenora Pointe

The hubby did keep saying that just wait til you see this waterfall, & I was trying to think what would make it so unique and not something I would have ever seen? A waterfall falling sideways or what?? I couldn't imagine what would be coming around the bend? Never thought this ...but look at the waterfall, can you believe it is in someone's backyard???! I think they should do tours. Gardening tours? Take money, something??! WOW. amazing.

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Linda said…
Wow, that waterfall is incredible! I love the lighthouse pictures too.

Happy Thanksgiving
William Kendall said…
A beautiful waterfall.

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