New York State - TWO


Fair Haven Beach State Park, Cayuga County, NY

This gorgeous waterfront state park (have I ever told ya that my best half loves "waterfront", no matter where we stay he is always looking for the best water view, and when we get there and the waterfront is hidden by trees he is heartbroken, i just figure we can walk to the view, oh well, i guess it is all in what you love/like.) but they don't offer "electricity" on that section of camping so that is not gonna to work for us being that we were there for over a week, when you have items that need electricity that is a must. Boy was it amazing ...I bet the sunset/sunrises would be awesome breathtaking!!!!

(4 photos above, the bridge is going across to the home and mill, it is a working mill and that's awesome to see that it is still plugging along, and the across the water view, my favorite, it is just breathtaking, I wish kids (or others who don't appreciate it would see this view and just understand how amazing & important our country, our world ...we are a working world, using our hand and tools to improve the daily life, make it more easier, craftsmanship and all that jazz) wouldn't that be great, thoughts, would love to listen to your ideas and opinions??!)

Crochan Island Mill Lumber Company, Croghan, NY
"special millwork, doors, windows"

(2 photos above) 
Burrville Cider Mill, Waterton, NY

(2 pics from above) 
Chimney Bluffs State Park, Wolcott, NY
597-acre state park, town of Huron, Wayne County, southern shore of Lake Ontario.

Brewerton Rear-Range Lighthouse, Hastings, NY on Oneida Lake. I think if I could teach folks, maybe the ones who don't keep up with history, or the 1's who aren't interested in it or whatnot is amazing to see how much we use our water sources to get products moved around, how it has changed from the past but also that it is still used today (similar with slight improvements or such??!?!) ...just amazing how product moving (getting things from here to there and back again) has changed. You know what I mean? (Erie Canal and other waterways.)

In this area we found Top This Pizza (to celebrate my 45th birthday)
9664 US-11, Brewerton, NY
(315) 668-1810
There pizza was delicious and their antipasto salad was awesome. SO GOOD!!!! Thank you for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care!!! Beth ( ; 


Linda said…
Beautiful sights! Yes, we sometimes forget the importance of waterways. I’ve watched huge ships at the port of Long Beach California and it was incredible. Gigantic cranes transfer the huge containers to trucks, where they are then the trailers on tractor trailers. Often they take carry them to trains, where they become box cars, and travel across the country and become trucks again. Eventually the stuff winds up in your dollar store.
William Kendall said…
I have far more experience with the north shore of Lake Ontario.

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