3 mills


Friendship Mill, Friendship, Virginia

16444 County Road - 803, Meadowview, VA

Parks Mill, Parks Mill Road, Abingdon, Virginia

Hey There, hoping you are well this week. 3 mills we got to see when traveling around Virginia ...enjoy them, always fun to see ...we did see some construction work, (when do you find that your local roads are worked on? Do you have some like mine that really need some work? Others they keep working on but you think why? Move to another road why don't ya, I mean right??! LOL!!) that is always extra fun to sit and wait. Don't ya ever wonder what the folks are thinking? How do the pass the day away? Not like you hear any tunes playing??!! You will always see them looking up to see their sign ...do they wonder if they have flipped it to GO, when they should have said STOP??! Makes you stop and think? Thanks, for visiting, sure hope that this 2024 will be awesome for us all. Do you have a plan of where to go from here? Are you a New Year Planner???!!! Either way it will be awesome, don't ya think?? I think positivity is always the way to start out strong. Thank you my bloggy friends for your visits, your comments and always being so kind. Take Care. Beth ( ; 


Linda said…
Interesting pictures. I did not know there was a town called Friendship.

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