Potter Wade Mill, VA


Potter Wade Mill 
(Colliers Creek, west side of 251 at iron bridge at Collierstown)

In the middle of June 2023 ...we took a day trip to ride in our kayaks at Lake Roberston, which is in Rockbridge County, VA. This 31-acre lake was constructed in 1971. We didn't take a camera on the lake like we do sometimes. Just wanted the exercise instead. Apparently when they did build this lake, they flooded an area, covering up foundations, trees, all sorts of area items, I often wonder how they decide where to do this or whatnot? Makes me so curious ...so when the water is clearer ...we are thinking that it might be at the beginning of the year the waters would be more clear (you know how the kind of algae or fuzz I like to call it just kind of starts going and without ducks, other birds or movement it just gets to growing.) you will be able to see the building foundations, guess we will have to save it for that time of the year in the future to see if we can catch them. Apparently, everyone we did chat with who were also kayaking or fishing on the lake that day were not familiar with where those foundations might be found??! It was a true mystery?? No clues to be had. It was a sunny day, not to warm but a bit in need of more breeze ...funny how wind works ...you have it, it is there sometimes when you are moving along but when you truly need some extra breeze (to make it not feel stuffy and whatnot) ...but you do often wish for more when you are somewhat working ...using those arm muscles to get around. Right after the lake ride, we got to this bridge and grist mill. The grist mill is a home at this time. Always fun to see those while out in about. Any news to share?? Thanks for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care. See you again really soon. Beth ( ; 


Linda said…
Looks interesting. Maybe I’ll get to see it one of these days.

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