Virginia Creeper Trail


"35 mile multi-purpose rail trail. Southwestern Virginia, Abingdon to Whitetop, VA. 
near Mount Rogers National Recreation area and the North Carolina state line."

I've lost count the number of time we have taken the time to enjoy and ride this trail. Normally we would go with a tour ...but we were staying in a local Air BNB, due to our recent trailer selling event. We have motorized bikes and when we do get tried we are able to just motor along back to where we need to be. I always joke that my hubby does it more than I ... I look forward to the exercise more, now I am not saying I don't use the motorized part, 'cause I do, but I try to be more sparingly. LOL!! So we are trying this out, for me it is just nice not to have to run to the bathroom at night when need be, you have indoor plumbing. To keep it short and sweet and not be to much TMI, we only used our Casita for liquids no solid. GOT IT?? hope so. LOL!! During many walks over the period we had the Casita, I got to see skunks, racoons, thankfully NO BEARS, but that is just no fun …and walking by yourself at night is just no fun. 'NOUGH SAID!!! July 2023 we took the time to ride 2 different sections of the Virginia Creeper Trail, one closer to the Abingdon area, which we had never done before and it is a totally different area, more unshaded and less rocks ...the photos shown above are around about Damascus, Virginia. Thank you for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ; 


Linda said…
It looks like a really nice trail. Yeah, now that I’m older, I cannot imagine camping without an indoor bathroom.
This N That said…
Looks lovely and woodsy..Yes, Indoor toilets are a must now!!!

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